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–Slotted into the schedule, LONG TABLE discussions are one-hour long conversations about four important topics facing Dance Departments nationwide.  Sign up to guide, participate in, or listen to one or more of these topics:


An Articulation of Curricular Choices — Thu, Apr 2 @ 5:00pm

What gets taught in this Dance Department? What in the world is modern dance? Well, then, what is postmodern dance? Where does the word “contemporary” fit in? How diverse are the various movement practices? What kinds of dance studies courses need to be offered? Should we blend these entirely? Partially? Occasionally?  



The Value of Embodiment in the Liberal Arts — Fri, Apr 3 @ 5:00pm

We seek a discussion about the contributions the vast discipline of DANCE can offer a liberal arts school. This is a broad conversation about What are the current efforts in the field?  What are dance’s relationship to and opportunities in DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) and Trauma/Healing? Please let us know if either of these topics, or another one you would advocate for, is a particular strength of yours.



A Dance Degree: The Doorway to a Myriad of Careers — Sat, Apr 4 @ 5:00pm

We seek a discussion about a post-Denison career journey. How did you use your Denison background? How did you get to where you are now? What advice might you offer younger dance-minded students? Please let us  know if this is a strength of yours!



Nuts & Bolts: Approaches to Recruiting — Sun, Apr 5 @ 1:00pm

We seek a discussion about the journey from high school to a liberal arts dance program. Let’s talk about what we were seeking and what we found. This conversation is meant to help us strengthen our ties to high school students and to current students who have dance backgrounds but are not “in the department.” Please let us  know if you have something to contribute to this discussion.