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Please find more information below to submit information regarding your interest in performing as part of the festival.

On Saturday night, we will offer a concert of choreography/performance by alums.

We seek a program, as it develops, that is relatively balanced in terms of eras of alums, genres of work, solos vs group works, etc.  We are completely open to what you bring to the table. Anyone who wants to participate can bring a piece. 

We will also share space for those who want to bring videos of their work.

Please submit the briefest ‘application’ that will help us determine what can be reasonably produced on one concert of work–with a TD but fairly low tech (given the time). 

  1. First Name, Last Name, Class Year
  2. 100 words or so of a general description of the pathway from graduation to this work (to be printed in a program)
  3. Name and approximate length of work, name/description of accompanying sound, if any 
  4. Production needs including the number of performers, any special needs, etc. to help our tech.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to propose work to be shared live..