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For dancers, that means food!!!  There will be four opportunities to eat together:

Thu, Apr 2, @ 6:30-10:00pm.

If you’re in town by Thursday night, stop by Gill’s house anytime within the noted hours for a casual meal and to catch up … 411 Welsh Hills Road. 


Fri, Apr 3 @ 6:30-10:00pm.

This is our BIG dinner.  There will be tables set up to gather those from neighboring classes, a slide show on Dance at Denison through the years, and a special and important announcement.  You won’t want to miss this dinner!!!! Table-clothed and catered, it’s important to RSVP for this meal because we need a definite headcount. 

PLEASE RSVP HERE for the formal dinner.


Sat, Apr 4 @ 12:30-2:00pm.

This is a lunch to honor Sandy Mathern-Smith who is retiring at the end of the semester after 30+ years.  If you were here when she was teaching, please do come to this lunch and participate in wishing her well!


Sun, Apr 5 @ 9:00am-1:00pm.

This is a light buffet of coffee, tea, fruit, granola, and yoghurt — a buffet that will stay out for several hours to accommodate early and late arrivals.