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–Slotted into the existing curriculum, CURRICULAR OFFERING alum-teaching is possible depending on your credentials and the syllabus of the existing course.  It needs to be something you have explored extensively in your post-Denison career, and reasonably related to the course agenda. (See Course Descriptions below.)


We have room for about 11 alum-teachers (or co-teachers) of CURRICULAR OFFERINGS.

Beginning Level courses: 

  • Movement Practice courses in Modern/Postmodern or in African/Diaspora movement technique
  • Dance Studies courses in Improvisation Practice and Theory 

Intermediate Level courses:

  • Movement Practice courses in Modern/Postmodern or in Freestyle/House
  • Dance Studies courses in Black Dance/Pop Culture or in Choreographic Investigations

Advanced Level Courses:

  • Movement Practice courses in Level III (1 section) in Modern/Postmodern
  • Dance Studies courses in Somatics & Writing: The Body as Site for Research, etc.


If this interests you:

PLEASE CLICK HERE to submit a 2-page bio/resume/CV that details your experience in the work you are offering. Individual faculty will get back to you to confirm.  Faculty will also want to share aspects of your CV with current students. 

If more than one person wants to teach the same course, individual faculty will select the class that fits best with their syllabus.

We will also list three GUEST OFFERINGS slots in areas of research/investigations. (Please feel free to propose agendas that are not currently offered as courses at all or in this Spring schedule.)  These are offerings that you suggest and we will ask both alums and current students to sign up. 


(See the next tab for Alum GUEST OFFERINGS for alums: GUEST OFFERINGS.)