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The EmpowHERment Experience

Translating the leadership character of women into action.

The EmpowHERment Experience Roundtables

The Women’s EmpowHERment Roundtables hosted by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and the Office of Gender and Sexuality will provide students with the opportunity to learn from an expansive network of empowered women in leadership. Gather with us virtually as we navigate the multifaceted experiences found at the intersection of womanhood and professionalism. The EmpowHERment roundtables are open to ALL as our diversity in perspective is what helps broaden our understanding and learning of the topic at hand.

By attending this year’s Women’s EmpowHERment Roundtables, participants will learn:
1. Skills related to personal growth and professional empowerment to better advocate for themselves and others in ways that support women and promote equity at work.
2. How to network with top professionals from different fields of industry

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