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ReMix In the Media

Students partner with an alum to make positive changes at Denison
Colin Ravin ’24 and Chase King ’24, both Environmental Studies and Economics double majors and student-athletes on the Big Red baseball team, are making a difference. Interested in maximizing their impact, they surveyed campus, seeking the right opportunity, and noticed that Denison’s vehicle fleet was entirely gas-powered.
As they evaluated their options, the budding entrepreneurs attended ReMix, Denison’s entrepreneur summit. At ReMix, they connected with Chris Wolfington ’90, Principal at Ground Truth Energy and an expert in automotive fleet electrification who quickly became a valued mentor.
After building a strong case, Ravin and King presented to various stakeholders at the university their idea for making the Denison fleet more sustainable through electrification.
Thanks to their efforts, students can now rent an electric car to travel to off-campus appointments, interviews, internships, and more. The best part is that the pair is just getting started. Stay tuned as they continue to advance their ideas for sustainable transportation at Denison.
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