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Startup Stories

Darren Lachtman ‘04


Pivoting & Bouncing Back



James Clear ‘08


Breaking Down the Stigma: Conversations about Mental Health, Leadership and Balance

David Howitt ’90, Liz Pryor ‘02, Katie McKenna ‘04


Building Your Brand


Raising Capital

Becca Gardner ’09, Joe Maxwell ’90, Tina Beilinson ’11, Darren Lachtman ‘04


How to Foster Belonging in Your Organization

Paige Robnett ‘14


A Candid Conversation with David Lucchino ‘91


Entrepreneurship…From Good to Great to Mindfulness and back to Start-Ups….lessons along the way!”

Rip Gellein ‘69


Building a Strong Team and Culture and Retaining that Talent

Jack Tankersley ‘72


A Conversation about DEI in our Organizations

James Anderson ‘85


Turning Your Passion into a Profitable Business

Alison Nissen ‘89, Marcy Stoudt ‘94 and Emily Merrell ‘09


Tapping into Revenue: Determining market demand vs market need for a product/service

Winters Heafey ‘14, David Frederiksen ‘92


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Warner Siebert ‘05


Taking the Lead – Females Forging Forward in Business and Life

Liz Pryor ‘02, Maddie Callander ’09, Emily Merrell ‘09