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Courtney Herring Bowden ’09

Courtney Herring Bowden is a storyteller and brand messaging strategist who believes that the most successful and impactful brands prioritize creating messaging that moves people. 

After launching The Champ Media Agency in 2014, Courtney has spent the last several years developing brand messaging for local initiatives, Fortune 500 corporations, nonprofit organizations, and more. 

Her goal is to help brands better communicate their missions with clarity, conviction and creativity using storytelling. 

Courtney’s writing expertise and investigative curiosity make her the perfect fit for partnering with organizations desiring to convince and convert their audiences into highly engaged, lifelong community members. 

She is a proud Denison alum (Class of ’09). She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and English Literature, as well as a Master of Arts in Media Studies from The Pennsylvania State University.