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David Howitt ’90

David M. Howitt, founder & CEO of Meriwether Group, and author of Heed Your Call, is an inspiring thought leader and guiding mentor in the world of commerce. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and published author with over twenty years of experience providing business strategy and brand counsel to startups and Fortune 100 companies.

Through a unique brand ethos and delivery system, he and Meriwether Group provide strategic vision and support to entrepreneurs, disruptive, authentic, and iconic brands, and provide counsel, operational support, and advisory services for the next wave of innovative consumer-focused companies.

An innovator at heart and with a keen ability to foster the growth of iconic consumer brands started with him leveraging a law degree to serve as Corporate Counsel for Adidas. During an eight-year tenure, he practiced the essential merging of right-brain principles with left-brain practicality, a methodology he calls Intuitive AnalyticsTM. It is through whole-brain activation that he has achieved profound success in personal and professional endeavors. Intuitive AnalyticsTM and whole-brain consulting are key guiding principles of Meriwether Group’s ethos, principles David believes are essential to driving and actualizing success.

In 1994 David supported his wife, Heather in the launch of the iconic and recognizably successful tea-based product, Oregon Chai. Within just six short years, the brand had spread to forty countries and across five continents and in 2004, Heather and David sold the company to Kelly Foods. Following the sale of Oregon Chai, David founded Meriwether Group, a boutique private equity, business accelerator and advisory firm that supports some of the most recognizable consumer brands in the world. As CEO, he and the firm are committed to transforming the way in which human values are expressed through business. They support universal shifts in commerce by helping disruptive consumer brands and founders to “Fulfill their Journey.”

He has provided financial expertise, operational guidance and strategic vision to a wide range of companies including Stumptown Coffee, Dave’s Killer Bread, Pendleton, Adidas, Voodoo Doughnut, Salomon, Polaris, Klim, ABC Carpet & Home, Airstream, and many others.