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Mags Chamberlain ’19

Session: “Centering Media in Marginalized Communities: Lessons from Resilient Young Entrepreneurs in the Arts”

Mags is a filmmaker and co-founder of waxpoet films, a minority-owned production company based in Columbus, OH. Mags founded waxpoet with their partner, Jenna, as a way to create media that more authentically represents people like them on screen, and allows other diverse voices to be heard on set. With a Communication major and Theatre minor from Denison and a Master’s in Student Affairs at Ohio University, Mags started their company with no prior experience in film production or business. In the 2 years since starting waxpoet, Mags has learned invaluable lessons in entrepreneurship, filmmaking, and following your dreams even when you have no clue what you’re doing – and they’re excited to share just a few of those lessons with you all.