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Richard (Rick) Kienzle ’85

A Medical Device Executive and Board of Directors with 30 years experience at a variety of Medical Device and Orthopedic companies, multi-national enterprises to start-ups.  Including; Globus Medical (GMED, NYSE – 4.8B), Synthes (now a J&J Subsidiary), US Surgical Corp, Trice Ortho, Synergy Bio-Medical and Medicrea  International.  Currently Mr. Kienzle is the Founder and Managing Partner at Steep & Deep Ventures, a private boutique VC/PE group specializing in nascent and early commercial stage Orthopedic and Medical Device Technologies.  Concurrently he is an active investor / consultant to the SDV portfolio companies. Prior to this, Mr. Kienzle was co-founder of Globus Medical, and served as the Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. He was responsible for leading GMED’s Industry leading revenue growth trajectory ($0 to $280M in 7 yrs.).  In 2005 Ortho Network News recognized GMED as the fastest growing orthopedic company ever.  Mr. Kienzle’s background also includes broad Med Device clinical, market and enterprise experience with US Surgical Corp and very early in his career with Deluxe Corporation, The Equitable Financial Companies and Mellon Bank.