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Stage I

The Competition is open to wind band conductors without age or nationality restrictions. To enter the competition, candidates should pay the Stage 1 entry fee of 50 Euros by October 31, 2023 to the organizer Ensemblage Foundation (see competition rules 5 for bank information) and send a single email to wwbcc2023@gmail.com containing the following information.

  • proof of payment
  • name and surname of the participant
  • country of origin
  • e-mail address
  • short artistic curriculum vitae (up to 900 characters)
  • confirmation of payment of registration fee
  • a link to a video recording presenting the participant’s conducting skills
  • The recording to which the participant attaches a link in the application email should comply with the following requirements:
    • a) duration: up to 10 minutes,
    • b) quality: 720 px or higher,
    • c) camera positioning: facing the conductor (view from the orchestra perspective)
    • d) recording with wind orchestra is preferred, but recording with other ensembles (symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, choir, two pianos) is also acceptable.
    • e) The recording should be posted on any of the streaming services (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo), as public or non-public, with the condition that each member of the Competition Jury, using the link sent by the participant, will be able to play the video in an unlimited way (e.g. in terms of time, location) and without the necessity to download the video

To enter the competition, candidates must complete these items no later than October 31, 2021.

Stage II, III, and IV

Out of all the applications the Competition Jury will select 20 participants qualified for Stage II of the Competition. Participants qualified for Stage II of the Competition must arrange travel to Warsaw for the dates of Stages II, III, and IV. These participants must also pay a registration fee of 150 euros the organizer Ensemblage Foundation.

The list of participants qualified for Stage II will be announced to the public by 1st November 2023. Participants must pay the the additional entry fee by November 15, 2023. If a participant has not paid the additional entry fee by November 15, 2023, it is tantamount to resignation from participation in Stage II of the Competition.